Fast Eddie Home Buyers - We Buy Houses in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties!
Size, location, condition, it doesn't matter. We buy houses in Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties. We pay cash and close quick! 

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We Buy Houses in the following conditions and situations and many more!
  • Unwanted House
  • Vacant House 
  • We Pay Back Taxes
  • We Pay Liens/Judgements
  • Behind on Payments
  • Facing Foreclosure
  • House Needs Repairs
  • Fire Damage
  • Bad Tenants
  • Divorce
  • Recent Eviction
  • Estate/Inheritance
  • Multi-Family/Commercial
  • Relocating 

                     Why Sell with Fast Eddie Home Buyers and not a Realtor?

Your very first conversation with a Realtor will involve them explaining to you what they will need to be paid in a large commission percentage. Second, they'll explain how many items will need to be fixed in the house. Last you'll review their extensive contract and expectations of you. Be prepared for A LOT of folks coming in and out of your house.

 You can expect an industry average of 10 months and tens or possibly hundreds on folks walking through your property. Finally when you go under contract with a buyer and you enter their "due diligence period" MORE walk-throughs, inspections and appraisals will take place. This is when you will be made aware of all the things that the buyer wants you to come out of pocket to fix. Additionally, often times the buyers can not get the financing or back out for other personal reasons and you're back at square one.  


We buy houses fast in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. We close very quickly; as little as 10 days in some cases, and generally it takes no longer than 25 days to sell a house cash with a buyer like Fast Eddie. Using a real estate agent to sell a house, requires signing a contract with them and handing over a BIG commission check to them, IF they sell your house. We buy houses as is, no banks, appraisals, no agents involved, no repairs to be done to the house. We make it easy to sell a house as is, or in any condition!

Why do I need a cash buyer like Fast Eddie for selling my house?

WE BUY HOUSES CASH! When traditional financing (a mortgage) is used by a buyer, the bank will require many costly repairs and fixes be done to the property. Additionally, home inspections and appraisals will be done which take a lot of TIME and MONEY.  When selling to a cash home buyer, like Fast Eddie Home Buyers, we pay cash (no mortgage) and take the property as is, with no repairs required by you and we do it FAST

What separates Fast Eddie Home Buyers, from the other "We Buy Houses" guys?

Most other sites won't tell you who they are, or where they are located or even what they do! We have seen many "We Buy Houses" wanna be's come and go! We are a family business who have been investing for decades. We are clear, and upfront in our transactions. We'll show you how to sell a house in any condition or situation and how to get it done in a way that makes sense for you! We promise to respect you, your time, and your property. We know that you may want selling the house to be kept private, so that you can move on from some past problem or difficulty with the house.

 At Fast Eddie Home Buyers, we realize that although We Buy Houses, it's more important that We Work with People. And we consider it part of our job that in the process of buying houses for cash, you are well informed of all of the options available to sell your house, and exactly what steps are involved to sell a house fast for cash! 

How can I get started selling my house fast for cash to Fast Eddie Home Buyers?

Fill out the form above with the information of the property you want to sell. Or enter your information on our We Buy Houses contact form here. We will contact you within 24 hours to get more information if necessary and give you a verbal cash offer on the property according to the general condition and location of the house. If you think that selling the house with Fast Eddie Home Buyers is the way to go, we may want to come have a visit at the property to take a closer look at the house and its current condition. From there, we could be at a settlement appointment in as little as a few days. For more detailed information on exactly what steps are involved in selling your house for cash, visit our Contact Us page.

If you're interested in SELLING A HOUSE AS IS in the Philadelphia area, and want to work with experienced real estate professionals, who pay a fair price for the property, carefully walk you through the process, and provide you with all the options for your situation - give us a call at 267-734-1754 and  we will contact you within 24 hours to make an all cash offer with absolutely no risk or obligation.

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