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Buying and Selling Houses in the Summer!

Selling and Buying in the Hot Summer Months of Philadelphia

Trying to sell a home in Philly is not always the easiest during the months of May to October. For many working people with kids, vacations and summer school break for children, can slow a sale down. This is obviously not one sided. Even sellers can take vacations in the middle of a sale and the buyers also. A lot of times this makes for scheduling conflicts. Using a CASH HOME BUYER LIKE FAST EDDIE HOME BUYERS IN PHILADLEPHIA is definitely the way to go in the summer months, and well let’s be honest, every month cash buying is the quickest and easiest way to sell a property. 

"We Buy Houses" in the City of PHILADELPHIA. Every month we have a quota to meet of 20 to 30 bought houses! That’s a lot of real estate especially AS IS real estate. We could not meet that quota if we were not Cash Buyers. In the summer months, there is a lot of buying competition, and there are many houses going up for sale. Parents wanting to make sure their children finish out their grade year before they move them to a new school, therefore more houses go up for sale. With all the competition, buyers are hard to find. Except for Cash Buying, not only are we hot on the go all year around, but we get our most and best deals in the summer months. We have no mortgage companies to wait on, and no property appraisals to be scheduled and completed to close, and with all the vacations on every possible side of the spectrum of a sale, we are here every day making deals for our sellers. Not only are we high in customer service, we have buyers around the clock and ready to go anytime we sign a deal. SELL your HOUSE to us, we buy houses and you will walk away with a smile.