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My name is Nicole and I just joined Fast Eddie’s Home Buying team in the last couple months. I am so excited to be joining the biggest cash buyer in PHILADELPHIA. For about two months now, we have been making huge leads forward in getting the best deals for our sellers. The best part of this, we buy houses as is!! My blog is to inform and share my experience with my responsibilities working alongside Fast Eddie. Eddie and I have met at a title company I previously worked at, handling the conveyance of title (clearing and getting homes free and clear to go to settlement). Knowing of my eagerness to get out behind the walls, Eddie seen my enthusiasm and interest in taking a step in the direction of Real Estate Investments in the Philadelphia area and to join a CASH HOME BUYERS team. It just so happens my experience was a perfect fit for what we would like to accomplish within the business. What we would like to see happen and accomplish is a lot more in depth then what any other Cash Home Buyers are doing. Why and how is that? Let me give a little insight into what selling a house AS IS, is like. Coming from a title insurance background, where I worked with mostly HOUSES AS IS, I have knowledge in the area of title discrepancies. Meaning, you would like to sell your house as is, seller contacts us to buy their house, we make a deal, sign the contract and get this house on its way over to a title company; to have the title ran for title insurance. As all CASH HOME BUYERS will do. These are the first steps in the process. Make a deal, sign contract and order title. Here is the thing, as is sells can be messy. To receive a title free and clear, any judgments, liens and all debt must be cleared and taken care of to settle. This is where my specialty skills come in. Most cash home buyers, will send the sale to their title company, wait to hear back about title and then relay the messages to seller. Well this can get very misconstrued in the meantime. I would say not many at all cash buyers know anything about title and sometimes or most of the time will give wrong information to sellers, which causes confusion and sometimes sellers are selling their homes with the least amount of understanding of what just happen. But, because I am knowledgeable in this process, I am here to serve the sellers with the most information I can give. I am here to work with the title company and seller simultaneously to get your home to the settlement table as quick and smoothly as possible. I can answer questions, let the seller know what to expect, the next steps, and if I think there may be some issues on title that will have to get solved. Since I have been here, we have had the happiest sellers I have ever seen! I am constantly in communication with their needs and we are making sure things are getting done. We want to be better than just any WE BUY HOUSES out there. We want to provide the most uplifting and stress free customer service possible to our friendly PHILADELPHIA sellers.