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This is a questions that we get on a very regular basis. Selling a house in Philadelphia can be a relatively long and drawn our process, the process of selling a home becomes much longer and much more aggravating when you get linked up with a problematic house, a problematic real estate agent, a difficult market, or a problem with the buyer of the house. Fast Eddie Home Buyers takes all of those factors out of the equation when selling a property in Philadelphia.

1. Fixer upper house in Philadelphia

When the home you would like to sell needs a lot of work, you may run into certain issues when trying to sell. Generally buyers want a property that they can live in comfortably as they are most likely borrowing the money, most buyers can spend a little more with only a slight increase in monthly payment to get most of the things they want in a property. First on most buyers lists is a property that they can move right into. Fast Eddie Home Buyers are real estate investors however. And we SPECIALIZE IN FIXER UPPER PROPERTIES! We actually much prefer a fixer upper property in Philadelphia over a completely finished property. So call us today if you have a fixer upper property in Philadelphia that you want to sell fast!

2. Problems when using Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are a great tool for folks who have fixed up houses and have plenty of time and patience to get their property sold. However many of the folks who want to sell a house in Philadelphia to us, do not have all of these luxuries.. They want to sell fast, and in as-is condition. With Fast Eddie Home Buyers, there are NO REAL ESTATE AGENTS involved. We are very experienced with over 250 real estate transactions under our belt. We have seen every issue that can come up and we know how to get the deal done quickly. We take e very house in "As-IS" condition. So you do not have to fix anything as you would with a retail buyer who will need a mortgage, and therefore a satisfactory inspection to complete the transaction.

3. A Difficult Market

Depending on current market conditions, and time of year can have a huge impact on how long, or if at all you can sell a house in Philadelphia. However Fast Eddie Home Buyers, not only wants to buy houses in ALL MARKETS, we NEED to buy houses in any market!

4. A Difficult Buyer

After getting the right buyer in place, they will need to have their mortgage approved by a bank. In many cases, buyers may fail the criteria to purchase and essentially end the deal and waste of alot of time. Further, buyers may get cold feet in the lengthy closing process and backout for a better deal, or decide not to buy for any number of reasons. Fast Eddie Home Buyers move fast, and we are not so emotionally involved in the transaction as we are investors as opposed to retail buyers who will move into the property.

Call Fast Eddie Home Buyers today for a fast fair offer on your house! 215-801-4577