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How to sell house in Philadelphia

How to sell a house in Philadelphia , may be one of the most common questions asked by some of our clients. However, selling a Philadelphia house may be much easier than most people think. In order to sell house in Philadelphia, the first order of businesss would be to decide wether you want a fast, cash sale. Or if you want to use a realtor to sell your Philadelphia home.

We have discussed the pros and cons of selling a house in Philadelphia in other blogs. The biggest thing you need to decide is how quick and easy of a sale do you want? In other words how motivated are you to sell. A cash buyer of real estate in Philadelphia will have an immediate as is cash offer, whereas a traditional sale can take many months to settle. If you've decided to go with a fast easy cash sale, you have come to the right place to sell a house in Philadelphia.

You can either call Fast Eddie Home Buyers @ 215-801-4577 or you can fill out the easy offer form here. 

Once we evaluate the property will make you a cash offer on your house. IF the offer works for you and you would like to sell your house to us, we will sign a simple Standard Agreement of Sale form. This form basically puts a price and terms together on paper to move to the next step.

Next we will take our agreement of sale to the appropriate title company where they will run and prepare all title documents. We will then schedule a settlement which brings us to the last step in selling your home in Philadelphia.

At settlement will will sign the appropriate home sale documents and you get your cash for your home! We hope to hear from you if you want to sell a house in philadelphia