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How to Sell a house 101

OK, so just about every time I go to look at a house might buy the sellers often feel like they are clueless on how all of this works. So, I decided to write a blog simply on the process of selling a house (fast) if that's the case. and for the sake of our example we'll use the process that we'd go through together with a cash home buyer like Fast Eddie Home Buyers.
Step 1. You kind of start thinking it might be a good idea to sell your house for any number of reasons: money is getting tight and you can't afford it, maybe a divorce in on the loom, you inherited the house from the loss of a close family member, you have Uncle Sam taxing the heck out of you and they're building up with interest and penalties, the property was fire damaged, or in most circumstances the house has just gotten in such disrepair you don't know where to start fixing the problem house.
Step 2. You really want to sell the house! Ok you realize, you've got to get rid of the house and you don't want to do any repairs, you definitely don't want to spend the money for those repairs, and you don't want to wait for months and months for a real estate agent to try to sell it to a bunch of tire kickers who need mortgages which require appraisals and inspections! Basically lots of time, money, paperwork, and headaches!
Step 3: You find out the Fast Eddie Home Buyers, buys houses in ANY CONDITION AND ANY SITUATION. We pay cash so we don't need a mortgage! We take them as is so we don't need an appraisal or an inspection! We take the house exactly in the condition it is in. You can even leave your junk behind!
Step 4: You call, email, or CLICK HERE  to fill out our handy quick seller form so we can exchange information.
Step 5: Unlike pretty much every other "We Buy Houses" company we will actually call you within 24 hours. We'll chat for a bit and exchange some info, I'll let you know more about what I do, and how I work, and you will hopefully fill me in on things like condition, beds, baths, location, etc. etc.
Step 6: I will let you know realistically what we generally pay for your type of property in the its current condition, this is our BALLPARK OFFER! If we're in the same BALLPARK, we would like to schedule a visit property.
Step 7: Meet at the property or get us in there somehow. We will complete our walkthrough in under 10 minutes, after hundreds of houses bought, we know what we're looking for. From there we will give you our firm offer.
Step 8: If we can come to terms, we will sign a one page, agreement of sale. I will give a deposit to be held in escrow so you know I am serious about buying your house! Here's a helpful tip to weed out the newbies, ASK FOR A LARGE DEPOSIT at least $1,000. The deposit will go into a third party title companies Escrow account. Which is an account that neither you or I have access to unless instructed by our contract, for example, at the sale of the house the escrow money will be released to you!
Step 9: Get title work back from title company, as long as everything checks out OK with the title we will schedule closing. You will receive our agreed purchase price minus any fees, or anything you may have owed on the house like outstanding utility bills or unpaid taxes.
Step 10: Put your check in the bank and have a  sweet party because you just made A LOT of money $$$$ CHA  CHING$$$!!!
This my friends is how a real professional buys houses. We have been doing this for decades. We have seen every type of house and every situation along with it. They are always different, but if anyone can buy your house fast, and hassle free, it is Fast Eddie Home Buyers, Hope this helped, and hope to talk to you soon!
Happy Selling,