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The Pros and Cons of selling a house in the Philadelphia Real Estate Market

I have spent the past decade, learning as much as I can about the Philadelphia real estate market. I've probably looked at, at least one house on every block in the city and have heard the stories of thousands of home sellers in the city. In traveling the country I have also gotten the chance to hear stories of, and have a working understanding of some other “We Buy Houses” guys and gals in large markets across the country. What I find to be most interesting is that on every occasion, Philadelphia always seems to have a far different story than those of folks from around the country! This is good in some aspects, and negative in some others. I would like to shed some light on the differences and possibly give some helpful tips on how selling a house in Philadelphia can work to your advantage.
Location! Location! Location! We’ve all heard it, and it certainly rings true here in the Philadelphia Real Estate Market more than most people may think. Location is going to determine what when how and why you should or should not sell your house in Philly. A good rule of thumb, is to get comps from a local real estate agent, or home buyer, like Fast Eddie Home Buyers so that you can get an idea as to what houses are actually selling for in your area of Philadelphia. However, before you call Fast Eddie Home Buyers to get a Fast Cash Offer, you may want to find out if the area your home is in an appreciating, or depreciating area.
Here’s an example: If you happen to own a property in the neighborhoods of Point Breeze, Northern Liberties, Fishtown, Olde Kensington, Brewerytown, or Francisville, or the neighborhoods surrounding university city in West Philly, these areas are currently, or have recently undergone a gentrification. This basically means the area are on the upswing,(less crime, more development, more investment, more commerce, etc.) Areas like these if at all possible may behoove you as a home seller to hold on to the property. If you must sell, try to get top dollar as these areas are in more demand than some areas that are taking a negative swing (call Fast Eddie first if  you want to sell in these areas please!). On the other hand, if you live in certain areas of Northeast Philadelphia, Frankford, and other areas that values are staying steady or dropping (characterized by lack of  investment/development, abandoned houses, etc.) you may need to sell these properties at more of a discount in order to sell that property fast.
The good news however, is that Fast Eddie Home Buyers buys houses in any and all areas! And also buy houses in any condition or situation. If you want some good advice on your individual situation, please feel free to call us for free advice. Also don’t forge that Fast Eddie Home Buyers pays $1,000 for a referral if you find us a good house to buy. We’re currently buying up to 5-10 properties per month in the Philadelphia area, you can learn more about us HERE and we hope to hear from you soon!