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Who sells houses to Fast Eddie Home Buyers? `

Some folks who want to sell their house to us, "You say, we buy houses, in ANY condition or Situation, but you haven't seen THIS house! I want sellers to know, and feel comfortable with the fact, that Fast Eddie Home Buyers staff have seen thousands of houses, and we have met thousands of sellers who want to sell a house fast in philadelphia. And there are almost NEVER two people who want to sell a house fast, with an identical situation. 

So really, the answer to who sells you houses? Is ANYONE and EVERYONE! Let me give you two examples of very different "we buy houses" situations. A few years back we were asked to come see a condominium in center city Philadelphia. this gentleman was of Greek descent, and an absolute pleasure to be around! Not to mention their family had enough money to last several hundred years! He wanted to sell his Luxury condo fast! He did not want to wait for a real estate agent to try to sell his house. So he called us, and he was asking substantially less than property was worth, WE actually ended up paying him $5,000 over his asking price!!! We have also met sellers in the absolute war zones of philly, who have asked us for $400,000! These are obviously just fun examples of some things we see but the following scenarios are slightly more common...

Generally, Fast Eddie Home Buyers, is looking for something they can purchase, renovate and re-sell, or purchase renovate and rent out. It really is going to depend a lot on the "After Repaired Value"/ "Fair Market Value" of the house as far as how we will proceed after buying the house. But we REALLY like fixer uppers! We love vacant properties, properties that need anything from light cosmetic work all the way to complete restructuring. The folks who call us usually want to sell a house fast because, they are tired of the problems with it! Houses are ALOt of work, and overwhelming especially if it is not something you are fammiliar with.

So, if we could give you any advice, it;s be just simply to call, email, or enter yourinformation on our We Buy Houses Submission Form on The Fast Eddie Home Buyer Home Page. You have absolutely nothing to lose, and a whole lotta cash to gain! We hope to hear from you soon.

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