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Please allow 24 hours for a representative to contact you to get started with the selling house process. We buy houses in any condition or situation and we pay cash! The following house seller information is  the basic steps that you will go through along with Fast Eddie to sell a house fast! We look forward to working with you!

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  • 1. Fill in the house seller information above, or call Fast Eddie Home Buyers directly at 267-734-1754.

  • 2. We will contact you to chat a little about the condition of the house you'd like to sell and get some basic info like area, general condition, size, bedrooms and bathrooms and if possible an approximate asking price if you have decided on one. If we think that the house you want to sell,  is a house we'd like to buy we may politely ask you for an invitation to come see the property. As we mentioned on our About Us page, we vow to respect you, your time and your property.

  • 3. If we agree on a sales price, we will do the appropriate paperwork (less than 2 pages) and get the necessary title report work done. The title report is mandatory for anyone selling any house, anywhere. A title agency, which Fast Eddie Home Buyers will provide, will gather all the necessary documents and they also search for any outstanding debts (judgements, taxes, liens, etc.)  on the house so we can settle them at the closing. They will also provide us with a nice little statement called  "HUD Sheet" (Which is greatest thing since sliced bread in the Real Estate world!) which will very clearly break down exactly where all the funds are going. We really couldn't make it any easier!! We'll schedule an appointment at the title company's office and meet for the best part of all, step 4!

  • 4. Meet at the title company to complete the transaction (settlement) and sign the appropriate paperwork. This usually takes less than a half hour. Don't forget to bring the keys!! We will be the new owners of the property at this point and of course, the best part of all, you'll be walking away with all that money!! Congratulations house seller!